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We all aspire and strive to live in our dream homes; however, all dreams are not always fulfilled but with NHS Mortgage Services, we make these dreams come true. Professional and Specialist range Mortgages are specifically designed to keep professional workers in mind.

NHS Income Booster

Currently, mortgage approvals can be difficult because of high-interest rates considering the income of the applicant. But our aim is to ease the burden of health care professionals by providing various products, services and customized customer support.

We are fully aware of the challenges faced by medical professionals in the form of short-term working contracts, Student debt, complex income structures, bank shifts and job relocation.

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How does it work?

Professional mortgages are offered by some mortgage lenders to those who work in 'professional' lines of work, such as nurses, doctors, lawyers, accountants, dentists etc.

Lenders are comfortable letting these buyers borrow more as they see them as lower risk, e.g., more likely to remain in work and/or enjoy salary increases. Increasing your borrowing from the typical 4.5x income to 5.5x income can boost your budget by up to 20%.

Eligibility Criteria

The recently qualified Professional Mortgage is available to all NHS Doctors and Clinicians. We aim to facilitate everyone with equity and inclusion.

Moreover, joint applications with nonprofessional second applicants will also be considered to borrow up to 4.5 x salary (in addition to the 6x salary of the professional applicant).

Mortgages for Junior Doctors

A lot of junior or trainee doctors assume they will not be qualified for a mortgage. Its fairly comprehensible as inexperienced brokers hold the same perspective, nonetheless, this isn’t true. Junior and trainee doctors can meet the requirements for mortgages and are often reliable applicants.

Issues might arise being employed on a zero-hour contract or a low wage. Even so, it’s still probable to get a mortgage. Additionally, lenders may consider future salaries that you would be able to secure once advanced through the medical ranks.

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Mortgages for locum doctors

For a locum doctor, the working hours vary, and you might have had periods of unemployment, or you may have had other work obligations or revenue streams to arrange for extra monetary sustenance. In that case, be sure to present each opportunity of income to your advisor. Lenders will normally evaluate your income over the past few months or even years. This permits lenders to analyze your affordability and average earning.

Mortgages for doctors that are self-employed.

Getting a mortgage is possible in case you are a self-employed doctor, but it can be slightly more challenging. Self-employed mortgages can be tougher to attain as you are principally working for yourself. Nonetheless, if you have at least three years of accounts, then it should not be an issue.

It might be difficult to secure a mortgage if you have two years of accounts or less. Even so, there are lenders that will consider you for a mortgage even with accounts for one year. While you’ve yet to file your first-year accounts, specialist lenders may think through your current income and estimated accounts to assess your earnings and affordability.

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Medical professionals on temporary contracts

Applying for a mortgage while you are on a temporary contract has a lot to do with the timing of your application. For instance, if you have more than one month remaining on your contract, you are more likely to be approved. If you have gotten less than one month remaining, then lenders may deem you to be high risk.

Any future contracts you have already secured can strengthen your application quite considerably. This is because lenders are able to see that you’ve secured a future contract or renewed your existing contract, which means little or no breaks in your income.

Lenders need to be confident that you are able to repay a mortgage. Temporary contracts can sway some lenders into declining applicants due to either a lack of work or large gaps between each contract. Nonetheless, there are lenders suited to mortgages for doctors on temporary contracts.

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FAQ: Your Questions Answered

Find quick answers to all your NHS Mortgage queries.

Lenders may accept bank nurse income; some will take an average of the last 6 months.

Yes, various Lenders offer specialist products to Professional workers such as Doctors, Clinicians, Dentists, Pharmacists, Accountants, Lawyers etc.

Although a lot of lenders are flexible to NHS applicants, your structured role might cause complications when applying for a mortgage. These complications could be any one of the below stated such as:

Short-term working contracts – Being employed with some short-term contracts may offer you flexibility, however it may be problematic while availing a mortgage. The Lenders like applicants with job security and permanency. Nevertheless, a relevant lender might see past this provided that the rest of your application is in accordance with their criteria.

Student debt – To become a competent doctor requires several years of studying which becomes very expensive. While lenders do not consider student debt against you, even so paying off your debt each month does. For example, your monthly expenses will give lenders an insight of what is within your means. Paying portions of your salary to clear your student debt can diminish your affordability.

Complex income structures – Whether you are employed as a doctor or in a partnership, your income may not be easy to assess. For instance, if you have set up a partnership, your income is likely to be in the form of dividends rather than a monthly salary. Locum work can also result in varied hours and income earned. For this reason, applying with a suitable lender can improve your mortgage chances.

Job relocation – Employment in the medical profession frequently includes repositioning. Recurrent modifications of address can cause concerns with your credit score. Repositioning can consequently affect your mortgage application, especially if you apply with a lender who does not comprehend how the medical profession works.

Yes, it is possible for doctors to be offered unique deals purely based on their profession. Lenders are also likely to be more flexible when assessing a doctor’s mortgage. This can include lending more than they usually would and offering lower rates than usual.

The majority of lenders will lend up to four times a doctor’s annual income. Some lenders may even lend up to five or six times, depending on the nature of the mortgage and the role the doctor has.

Some lenders do offer better mortgage rates to doctors. Senior doctors can even benefit from borrowing more as a result of their role in the medical profession.

It is possible for medical students to get a mortgage, but it can be difficult. Lenders will assess your income and as a student, you may fall short of mortgage affordability. Nonetheless, a written confirmation of a job offer within the medical profession can boost your mortgage chances.

Yes, lenders offer mortgages for surgeons and will benefit from the same rewards as doctors. You will still undergo a regular mortgage assessment but may be offered lower rates depending on your employment history as a surgeon.

People deemed to be eligible for a ‘professional’ mortgage, can be anyone working as doctors and clinicians, anyone who is considered a key worker, and those working as a solicitor or accountant. By Keyworker, we refer to those employed in essential public sector roles: Armed Forces Personnel (Army, Navy, RAF), Firefighters and Police Officers, NHS Clinicians (including Nurses and Paramedics), Teachers and Lecturers in the public sector

It is possible to get a mortgage six times your income subject to your affordability assessment and credit check. Professions such as vets, doctors, accountants and lawyers can be eligible to borrow up to six times their salary from certain lenders offering bespoke deals, helping increase your total buying budget.

There are a few high street banks that offer professional mortgages, as well as specialist lenders and private mortgage lenders who can offer better deals for professionals. Our team can match you with a specialist lender who offers these deals.

It is always exciting to take a new start and a new job opens up avenues such as purchasing your own home. Some lenders have a tendency to approve mortgages for professionals, such as doctors or those in the medical profession.

Regardless of if you are yet to officially start your service, you can still be eligible for a mortgage, because the lenders consider that you are capable in a respectable profession and acquiring employment should not be a problem. An offer letter or draft contract can suffice for lenders to consider your income. It is important to note that not every lender will do this, so do consult an expert before applying.

Those working for the National Health Service have very similar mortgage options to other applicants, although some lenders offer lower rates and higher income multiples for professional workers.

A Mortgage Broker who specialises in providing mortgage advice to health service employees is probably a good starting point for NHS workers. Whilst specialist mortgage lenders do sometimes offer a range of discounts, they are not always easy to find. It is also important to understand that if you find a discount rate, it will not automatically apply to you, as a member of NHS staff.

Usually, Clinicians and Doctors are eligible for the specialist discounts mentioned above.

Like other applicants, your loan amount will be based on your affordability, credit rating, mortgage type and whether you apply alone or with a partner. Most lenders use a multiple of three to five times your annual salary to calculate the loan figure.

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You must be in a qualifying job role, ie Clinician, Doctor, Nurse, Teacher.

Your credit score may impact on the amount you can borrow.

Your Non-Professional will only qualify for up to 4.5X of their income.

If you carry out a clinical staff role within any of the following NHS trust organizations, you should be eligible:

  • NHS GP Surgeries
  • Dental practices with NHS status
  • Mental Healthcare and Social Care Trusts
  • NHS Primary Care and other Care Trusts
  • NHS Direct
  • NHS Ambulance Trust
  • The National Blood Transfusion Service
  • The Health Protection Agency

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We offer a variety of Mortgage Deals

  • Low-Interest Rate Mortgages Fixed for Long Term
  • Deposit as low as 5%
  • First time Buyer can borrow up to 95% LTV
  • Variable Rate Mortgages
  • Fixed Rate Mortgages
  • Home Mover
  • Remortgage to Release Equity

We care about you, so we are willing to think through.

  • 100% of Bank and Locum Income
  • High Levels of Student Debt
  • Over Time, Weekend and Bank Holiday Pay Accepted
  • Short-Term Working Contracts
  • Multiple Relocations
  • Complex Income Structure
  • Junior / Postgraduate Doctors Contracts
  • Self Employed
  • Bad Credit

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